Fulfilled By

by In Cycles In Circles

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This is the second chapter of our full length album "Devoid Of // Fulfilled By".

Finally fulfilled by ______.


released April 27, 2016



all rights reserved


In Cycles In Circles Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Fugitive Ink
Up on that wall so high, above my head.
Hung this work of art, an original conception.
I would always think to myself, 'How could this be?'
'How could this exist, in the world of today?'
When everything's too good to be true, it probably is.
And the cracks began to show.
The artwork only amounts to the canvas it's painted on.
When your foundation's torn and broken, whose wall will you hang yourself on?
Will the brush strokes you were born from ever hold any weight?
Or will your colors become tattered and show your mistakes?
We only keep what we remember, so why would you bring only agony?
I've seen a million fucking people come and go.
But you're the worst I've seen.
When we met I saw such hope inside your life, you even made me believe...
But a liar is a coward is a fake is a fucking forgery.
Fuck you.
You fucking fake.
I'll rip you from the walls.
And tear off the paint.
And every fucking stroke I really thought would bring you life just broke another piece of me I swear it left me color blind, but in the aftermath of filling in your lines, I finally decided to black out all your lies.
And it was your mistake.
To treat people that way.
You disappointed me.
I'll throw you away.
Up on that wall so high, above my head.
Hangs a beautiful person, who now is worthless.
Track Name: Vibrance
Through the lens I caught your golden reflection.
Casting somber smiles in contradiction.
Was a facade your way of discretion?
You punctuated your life and left questions.
You knew your doses and you made your decisions.
Carefully calculated haunting misdirections.
End of chapter.
Last sentence.
A page cut short.
No more vibrance.
It's not anger I feel, it's not hate, it's the hollow that never goes away.
I'm the first to say we all have our time and place, but don't leave everything.
What you become used to will not stay.
In the ebb and flow things move and sway.
I guess we're not meant for this anyway.
What would I give for one more fucking day?
And not to prolong your life, just so I could take a moment to ask why.
I guess I understand if you needed to leave, but could you tie the loose ends for me?
Maybe it's wonderful where you are.
Slowly fading, into dark.
Maybe you're gently drifting off.
Simply becoming what we all become.
My empathy is telling me.
I should not be questioning.
The dead have made their choices.
The story painted out, won't change by our voices.
Not everyone will say goodbye to you.
You slipped through my grip.
There's nothing I can do.
We stand here with our empty hands.
I guess we just move on from here.
A memory burned in my head of every color that they buried you in.
It's not anger I feel, it's not hate, it's the hollow that never goes away.
Track Name: Heart In Hand
Body spasms, full of fear.
Darkness closing, drawing near.
My savior is killing me, this altered reality.
I can't believe that it's come to this.
Death offers its dismal kiss.
Is this how it really ends?
Held down by the hands of a friend.
These hands on your shoulders don't weigh you down.
You're fighting family from helping you out.
That warm embrace that you feel.
Cover the wounds, try to heal.
You drowned yourself again.
Falsified loneliness.
You can't always save yourself.
When's the last time you felt it for the first time?
Oh the sound of your lungs caving in.
I can see it now you're choking on a lifeline, but I won't let this be the end.
I don't remember what it felt like the first time, but now, the water's moving in.
To fill the spaces you left in my chest.
But you left me here, to face the end.
Let the fear leave.
I've got my hands on your heart.
All those times I never failed you.
Lifted you up to make you stronger.
Breathe it in, breathe it in, a wave of relief.
I've reached out so many times.
Your walls were built so very high.
But I tried.
But I tried.
Finally got to you.
Body calming, no more fear.
Darkness no longer drawing near.
And with your heart in hand, I swear you'll never drown like this again.
These hands on your shoulders don't weigh you down.
You're fighting family from helping you out.
That warm embrace that you feel.
Cover the wounds, try to heal.
You drowned yourself again.
Falsified loneliness.
You can't always save yourself.
Track Name: Bury Yourself (New)
Don't bury yourself.
Pick up your eyes.
Why do we always find ourselves, in these situations?
We've always known we were so much more.
Bottle it up, deep inside.
It's just secrets, that we're trying to hide.
A clever ruse, to disguise.
We're just as fucked up in all our lives, and honestly...
We're worse.
If you bury yourself in graves with everyone else, you will never exist nothing will ever fit.
Stop living like a ghost, pick up your eyes and go where you need to be, up from the dirt with me.
I feel this weight shifting.
I am the only one who can lift me out of this.
Don't bury yourself.
Don't bury yourself.
Track Name: Salt The Slugs
Face your faith, I'll show you the way.
Stop relying on what others say.
Be a good person because you want to, not because you're fucking taught to.
Don't pray for me when I'm dead.
I'm not ashamed of the life that I've lived.
I don't need an imaginary friend to absolve me of all of my sins.
Fucking stop all this pretending, you keep hiding behind words you're bending.
Your life feels all too fake when all you do is rely on ink bound to a page.
Those goddamn holy books, bring the bigots and the crooks.
When I was younger, I was raised to believe, people that were different shouldn't be treated equally.
What makes matters worse is people strive to be a carbon copy of a homophobic, sexist deity.
On a pulpit spitting acid to the masses, every move you make is always entrapment.
Corrupting every generation that passes.
They steal your money and avoid all the taxes.
"Give up your seed."
"Give up every offering."
They will never heal any suffering.
They live in mansions, you're close to the streets.
Is this really what you choose to believe?
Bring change, bring change.
Bring change to the streets.
Sing with me.
Sing with me.
False prophets, false hope.
Eat your words I hope you choke.
Eat your words I hope you choke.
Salt the slugs.
Salt the slugs.
Salt the slugs.
Track Name: Fulfilled By
Finally fulfilled by _______.
I've never quite known what I wanted to say.
I've left my bones broken, pushed everyone away.
My eyes stay straight forward unwilling to let go.
My death will be DEVOID OF all.
But my heart was FULFILLED BY you.